• FAST has been at the forefront of implementing Services Oriented Architecture (SOA) in the insurance industry. Using FAST Insurance Components in concert with FAST 8x, we can help you create and integrate new business capabilities and technologies with your enterprise architecture.

    • Achieve early benefits through rapid delivery of components
    • Reduces risk by using prebuilt logic from FAST and by leveraging your existing software assets
    • Our ability to quickly configure and build new software; coupled with our prebuilt components reduces cost
    • Experience and expertise implementing policy administration systems
  • FAST Insurance Components allow carriers to achieve legacy modernization without the cost and risk of "big bang" projects. Our plug and play approach delivers targeted as well as full end-to-end solutions for core functional areas.

    • Include pre-built components and services
    • Orchestrations for business process management
    • Pre-configured business rules that can be integrated as full applications
    • Components can be wrapped around your legacy system or can be used to overhaul the system piece by piece
  • FAST 8x is a software development framework that automates the development process and dramatically reduces the time required to build software.

    • Creates innovative and cutting edge software
    • Drives greater efficiency, at a fraction of the cost
    • Individual components can be deployed as standalone applications
    • Innovation is the key to success - our solution provides you with the business tools you need to succeed
  • With FAST, you can get the best of both worlds: best Policy Administration solution on the market – with more than 80 business processes from new business to claims; in a fraction of the time, cost, and risk.

    • Feature rich functionality and the best technology
    • Create innovative products and services
    • A system designed around business processes
    • A fresh approach for insurance companies looking to replace legacy systems, create new functionality or revitalize existing applications
  • We think it is fun to solve hard problems. Our entrepreneurial culture is comprised of a resourceful team, creative of people who have a vested interest in our clients' success.

    • Best architecture and technology on the market
    • Ultimate in configurability
    • Business process driven solution business partners love
    • Highly maintainable technology that provides "legacy avoidance"
    • FAST is "easy to do business with"
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AmeriLife Group Partners with FAST to Administer Annuities

Strategic annuity PAS implemented in less than eight months


Iselin, NJ – June 19, 2017.  FAST announced today that AmeriLife Group is in production with FAST Insurance Components to provide new business and policy administration support for AmeriLife’s proprietary annuity business.

The implementation project, which took  less than eight months using a team of seven people from FAST,   included conversion of an existing block of business, as well as integration to support  policy print, agency, commissions, reserves and accounting.  FAST was selected by AmeriLife as a strategic insurance administration platform and the project established a solid foundation for future capabilities in business process automation and rapid product introduction as well as enabled AmeriLife to shut down its prior annuity platform.

“We had very aggressive timelines to meet and I’m proud of the way the AmeriLife and FAST teams collaborated to accomplish this strategic initiative,” said Paul Carter, AmeriLife COO. “With this first project, we’ve proven FAST Insurance Components provide the business capabilities we were looking for and allowed us to establish a foundation for administration of proprietary insurance products in the future.”

“I’m proud that FAST and our customers are setting a new standard for core systems implementations in the life and annuity industry. It’s an exciting time to be in our industry,” said Tom Famularo, CEO of FAST.

About AmeriLife

AmeriLife is a national leader in developing, marketing and distributing annuity, life and health insurance solutions to protect the health and retirement needs of Middle America. Leveraging a national distribution network of over 100,000 insurance agents and brokers via nearly 20 marketing organizations, and 50 insurance agency locations, AmeriLife, and its more than 75 insurance carrier partners, offers value and quality to the insurance industry and its customers. Visit www.amerilife.com and follow @amerilife on Twitter and LinkedIn.

About FAST

FAST, which stands for “Flexible Architecture, Simplified Technology”, is a privately-held company located in Iselin, NJ. FAST focuses on solving the challenges our financial services and insurance clients face as they seek to modernize their systems environments or completely replace legacy systems. Visit:  www.fasttechnology.com

Media Contact:
John Gorman, FAST COO
732.513.1400 (cell)
732.225.0008 (office)
Amie Hornbaker, AmeriLife
727.683.1150 (office)

FAST Enables Six Customers to Go Live with Core Systems in Less Than Ten Months

Iselin, NJ, June 5, 2017 FAST, a leader in insurance software systems, announced today that in a two-year period, six life and annuity companies went into production in less than 10 months with new core FAST systems, including new business and PAS.  These initial implementations included extensive system integration, involved carriers ranging from Tier One to Tier Three, and covered a broad range of life insurance and annuity products.  One of the implementations included a full PAS conversion and replacement.  On average, these implementations required eight resources from FAST.

The speed of implementation, which is believed to be unprecedented in the life and annuity industry, resulted from a number of critical success factors:

  • Industry’s strongest product development tools
  • Preconfigured full policy lifecycles and robust “out-of-the-box” processing
  • Configurable and extensible components
  • Ease of integration with pre-existing adapters plugging into the native SOA architecture
  • A proven implementation methodology that leverages agile principles

The business results achieved by the carriers covered a spectrum of capabilities, including:

  • Significant improvements in time-to-issue
  • Dramatic reduction in time-to-market
  • Modern direct-to-consumer product offerings
  • Streamlined new business and underwriting
  • Policy administration, claims and billing
  • Distribution management (license, commissions and appointment)
  • Sales illustrations

The life and annuity products addressed included:

  • Universal life (fixed and indexed)
  • Whole life
  • Term
  • Deferred annuities

“Prior to joining FAST, I had the opportunity to see other vendor systems directly,” said Derek Sharron, FAST’s Vice President of Account Management.  “FAST is doing something no one else in the industry is able to match.”

“When we started this company, our goal was to change the game by creating software and a methodology that would enable carriers to achieve results in a fraction of the time that I had seen up to that point,” said FAST’s CEO Tom Famularo. Tom had worked for NaviSys and Accenture prior to starting FAST.

“Now our customers are going into production in much less time than it takes our competitors to gather requirements.”

For more information on how FAST helped these life and annuity companies achieve these results, visit www.fasttechnology.com


About FAST

FAST, Inc. (Flexible Architecture, Simplified Technology) is a privately-held company located in Iselin, NJ founded by the former leaders of NaviSys. Since the beginning, we have focused on building the company with the best people, including top talent from leading software vendors and consulting firms. To learn more, please visit www.fasttechnology.com

For More Information, Contact: 

John Gorman

FAST Appoints Kimberlee Ho as Chief Human Capital Management Officer

Building a Workforce and Culture to Drive Innovation


Iselin, NJ – May 4, 2017.  FAST, a leading software provider for the life and annuity industry, announced today the appointment of Kimberlee Ho as Chief Human Capital Management Officer, demonstrating its focus on attracting, growing and retaining talent to drive innovation.

Kim reports to FAST’s CEO, Tom Famularo, and is charged with recruiting and cultivating the best talent, as well as expanding and enhancing a culture where employees are highly valued as the company’s biggest assets.

Prior to joining FAST, Kim spent 15+ years with technology and pharmaceutical R&D companies, where she focused primarily on global talent management strategies and team effectiveness, helping “connect the dots” to anticipate, develop, and manage organizational and talent strategies to meet business needs. Kim is a focused, results-driven leader who is committed to making FAST a recognized employer of choice.

“Kim joins FAST’s executive team as a key business leader, focused on the best ways to enable our business to achieve our goals through our talent, organization and fostering an environment and culture where our people can grow,” said Tom Famularo, CEO of FAST.  “Kim’s experience in organization, employee, and team development will help FAST move into the next phase of building a stronger and even more effective organization.”

“With its current market position and anticipated growth, FAST understands the criticality of focusing now more than ever on its people and culture to drive innovation and productivity,” said Kimberlee Ho. “I’m thrilled to enable FAST to accelerate their evolution in this space for the benefit of our employees and ultimately, our customers.”

About FAST

FAST, which stands for “Flexible Architecture, Simplified Technology,” is a privately-held company located in Iselin, NJ. FAST focuses on solving the challenges our financial services and insurance clients face as they seek to modernize their systems environments or completely replace legacy systems.  Visit:  www.fasttechnology.com

John Gorman, COO
732.513.1400 (cell)
732.225.0008 (office)

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