FAST 8x Software

FAST 8x is a high performance software development automation engine. Our clients use FAST 8x to build individual components which can be deployed as standalone applications or as part of a business process driven SOA architecture.

FAST 8x Lets You...

  • Develop quality software more than 8 times faster
  • Extend business capabilities without having to customize existing legacy systems
  • Simultaneously reduce the number of people required, use cheaper labor to maintain your systems, and scale your IT organization
  • Provide a state-of-the-art user experience and flexibility to your business
  • Achieve the vision of SOA with next generation interoperable components
  • Provide an evolutionary migration approach for your IT organization
  • Stay current with technology and innovate without major "big bang" projects

How Does FAST 8x Work?

Using FAST 8x, your designers configure the desired data definition, testing parameters, GUI preferences, and processing rules. FAST 8x then uses either .NET or J2EE templates matching your coding standards for dozens of design patterns and automatically generates the software components and the underlying source code in a matter of minutes.

8x Generator – software development automation

Fully functioning, production ready software is generated and includes web user interface, web services, core code, database definition (DDL/XML schema), default data, test cases, documentation (WIKI, API documents, technical documents, data dictionary), and automated test scripts.

Summary of Benefits

  • Reduced time and cost with increased predictability
  • Enhanced user experience
  • Improved quality
  • Empower IT and reduce reliance on vendors
  • Support IT transition of adoption of AGILE
  • Simplified implementation and maintenance
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