A Different Way of Thinking about Technology

FAST’s Software is made up of three key areas built to provide the ultimate in flexibility to support insurers legacy needs of the past 40 years, the modern demands of today, and is “legacy proofed” to prepare for the unknown future.

FAST Technology Platform

Underlying technology platform built to consistently support the technology objectives for insurance software.

  • Scalable technology platform designed for needs of insurers today and long into the future
  • Product design and configuration tools
  • Configuration tools for events, rules, calculations, orchestrations, and testing
  • Event driven architecture
  • Microservices built from the ground up
  • FAST 8x - Model driven software automation engine to design and build new components
How Do We Do It

FAST Insurance Components

FAST provides an alternative to traditional large monolithic packaged systems to solve legacy core challenges. FAST Insurance Components are the industry’s first complete suite of business process driven software components that are pre-configured and pre-integrated “out-of-the-box” for full policy lifecycle with true straight-through-processing.

  • Functional reusable components (software and configuration) designed to be plug and play and shared across applications as an alternative to traditional monolithic applications
  • Deep product support and processing for all forms of L&A - more than 300 use cases and 3,000 system requirements for UL/IUL/VUL, Term, Whole Life, ISWL, fixed annuities, variable annuities, indexed annuities, deferred/immediate, and flex/single premium products
  • Straight-through-processing for insurance across entire insurance value chain(from new business through claims, including distribution management)
  • Seamless processes that also integrate external sources for all lines of business
  • All transactions can be automated in real-time or are workflow driven from paper, call center, or digital requests
  • Support for P&C specialty lines, usage based, microinsurance, and hybrid products
  • Zero-programming support for all insurance products and transaction processes
How Do We Do It

FAST Cloud Services

Customers can leverage FAST’s standalone product component to easily manage complex product structures and innovate

  • Provide a tool to your business to encapsulate the management of products (structures, definition, calculations, orchestrations)
  • Centralized, single-source of product information linked to governance and accessed across portals, home office, mobile and more for several functional areas
  • Automated testing and debugging tools to run business simulations, perform regression tests, and user tests
  • Expose microservices and/or native APIs internally to all applications and externally to business partners
  • Can be used for rapid prototyping, product incubation, and/or scaled business
How Do We Do It

Our Technology

FAST is considered to be the most modern technology platform on the market.
Check out what our platform consists of:

Our Approach


Our applications span the breadth and depth of the life insurance and annuity policy lifecycle, and with minor setup can be used directly out of the box.

Limitless Flexibility for Innovation

Business users can build new product ideas and structures, or create and automate entire business processes, all without touching a single line of software code.

Speed and Agility

We provide the tools and a proprietary process to help customers set up and integrate the software and put up new products up to 8-12 times faster than traditional models.

Adaptable and Future-Proof

Independent, interchangeable components and microservices with data and business logic abstracted away allow for continuous upgrades of apps and technology to always be ready for what is next.

Technology Principles

SOA / Microservices

World’s first truly componentized SOA based insurance platform built from the ground up with microservices in mind


FAST provides both an open insurance framework that allows for true “plug-and-play” and world class out-of-the-box functional components for all core insurance processes

Configurability / Data Driven

Business process driven components with separation of orchestrations, user interface, web services, model, rules, calculations, and data

Upgrade Model

Continuous upgrade model; most customers are running a common version of core code, but still have flexibility to manage their own schedules

Automation / DevOps

We automate anything that can be automated – including testing, deployments, and continuous integration

Modern Technology

Provides choices of technology stacks (languages, application architecture, infrastructure, etc.) that are based on standards: No proprietary 4GLs, scripting languages or legacy programming languages to learn