Amazon Web Services (AWS)

FAST and AWS partner to power Policy Administration Systems in the cloud.

FAST is a member of the AWS partner network. By leveraging AWS's fault-tolerant, secure, and scalable infrastructure, FAST reduces the time to market and the cost of standing up and maintaining a policy administration system. FAST's SOA-based architecture enables clients to deploy a full suite of services to power a complete policy administration system or just a handful of microservices to complement a client's existing systems.

FAST takes the risk out of implementations and offers a solution that provides the ultimate flexibility to create insurance products, automate business processes, and simplify integrations across the entire technology ecosystem to achieve true business agility at a far lower cost structure.

FAST's solution has undergone an AWS Well-Architected Review and is continually reviewing its design with respect to security, availability, cost, and automation.


Our applications span the breadth and depth of the life insurance and annuity policy lifecycle, and with minor setup can be used directly out of the box.

Flexible and Growing

Business analysts and actuaries can create new product ideas or business processes without touching a single line of software code.


We provide the tools and a proprietary process to help customers set up and integrate the software and put up new products up to 8-12 times faster than traditional models.

Flexible and Growing

Avoid creating your next legacy with interchangeable components and microservices separated from its data. Continuously evolve and upgrade components.

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