Our Services

FAST combines great software with deep expertise in technology and insurance processing to give our clients solutions ranging from smaller, targeted projects to broader legacy system transformation. Areas where we have worked with our clients include:

Improved Development Efficiency

Using FAST 8x in combination with our expertise in the development process, we have introduced new development paradigms to our client organizations resulting in radical improvements in development productivity

Web Portal

We've enabled carriers to implement a "common front end" that leverages web 2.0 technology and "sits on top" of and leverages existing legacy systems. We also excel at creating web portals for policyholders, distribution and the home office

Expanding Business Capabilities

FAST combines pre-built and custom components to expand and augment the business capabilities of existing legacy applications. Our clients see us as the alternative to the traditional approach of purchasing large packaged software and doing extensive customization.

Path to SOA

FAST has been at the forefront of implementing Services Oriented Architecture (SOA) in the insurance industry. Using the FAST Insurance Components in concert with FAST 8x, we can help you create and successfully implement a business process driven SOA strategy. We have also implemented smaller projects where we've built services layers on top of legacy systems or newly purchased systems

Insurance Legacy Refurbishment and Modernization

FAST has helped our insurance clients modernize and optimize their legacy systems in core functional areas, including:

  • Policy Management and Service
  • Distribution Management and Compensation
  • Business Process Management (from sales to claims)
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